about my restaurant reviews

As I mentioned, I love fine dining. Always have. Always will.

Food matters, but bad service will ruin a great meal. On that note: if the right server offers me a glass of water and a plate of lettuce, with sincere, genuine care: I am delighted.

I do not, on any level, expect all servers to understand fully what or why I`m doing, nor do I expect the kitchen and management to put out a vegan, gluten-free menu – but what I WILL rate is the server, manager or kitchen`s interest in accomodating me, the quality of the food presented and the overall experience.

And while I love vegan restaurants – I like variety. I want to go out for a lovely meal just like anyone else – and here`s how I`ll rank those experiences:

1 out of 5. Your restaurant did one of the following:
-had a server that just said`no`immediately
-had a server demonstrated exasperation, frustration or judgement
-food irrelevant given the above

2 out of 5. The restaurant:
-was a little put out but made it work (I mean, I ate, but I still felt like a pain in the neck)

3 out of 5. The restaurant:
-understood what I wanted and had an option for me. The academic equivalent of `met expectations`.

4 out of 5. The restaurant:
-totally understood, wasn`t sure what they could do for me but said they`d find out, brought me yummy sides and totally made it work. I felt welcome and didn`t feel like I put anyone out.

5 out of 5. The restaurant:
-5 out of 5 is a feeling I have when I leave. Just about made me cry with their kindness. Just didn`t make a big deal, fixed it, helped me find something: whatever it was: I ended up with a great meal, a great experience and I tipped as much as I possibly could. My way of giving back to you is to tip as much as I can, thank the manager personally, rave about you on here and send my business your way often: I hope it`s enough.

Bonus star: I don`t drink. That doesn`t mean I want San Pellegrino for the rest of my life. If you have a mixologist who geeks out on flavor and is thrilled to surprise me: I`ll be loyal for life. I never order anything specific – I love surprises. I`ll tell you all about it here!


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