About me

On January 12, 2011 I took a 30-day vegan challenge. I soon upped it to gluten-free.

It’s sticking.

I am a 3 time Marathon finisher, 1 time Ragnar runner and 3 time half-marathoner. My last race was the Walt Disney World Goofy challenge. My running has been a work in progress, I’ve struggled to find the balance between training and family (not to mention I have an absolutely wonderful job in Vancouver) and I’ve had many different goals over the years. I’m still not sure where I fit in this beautiful community but everyone’s been very patient as I figure it out.

Let me tell you that I’m a Mom, wife and non-drinker. My husband is an avid-crossfitter who follows the Paleo diet as best he can and our 3 year old son is a very fussy, dairy and gluten free food snob. We are relaxed on this out of the home, vigilant in it. He`s gonna have cake at birthday parties. It`s fine…. but little Ryan was seriously hospitalized for asthma at 8 months old and as a strong, informed, intelligent Momma Bear: I attacked that condition full-court-press. After relying on Western Medicine to get it under control – I sought out naturopathy and homeopathy to be preventative. Ryan has not had an asthma attack or cold in 2 years. He has had the flu once.

Add to these varied food/lifestyle choices: we love to eat at restaurants. We eat out about 5 times per week! Date night on Thursdays with my husband, family date night on Fridays and I grab lunch twice a week when I’m working downtown. Add to this that I frequently have plans with girlfriends and family – and this usually involves eating out.

I’d say I’ve always fallen into the category of “foodie” – defined really (by me) as being totally geeked out on (read: LOVING) food. I’m willing to pay more for organics, I’m fussy about ingredients and I love the process and ritual of fine dining. I don’t want to, nor do I think I should have to, give this up. There are too many great restaurants out there willing and able to have us. I’ll tell you about them here!

We live in the Greater Vancouver area and I’m inspired here to blog about:

-my experiences at Vancouver restaurants as a gluten-free vegan (restaurant reviews with a focus on how the restaurant was able to accomodate me)

-my cookbook reviews – telling you about the book, which recipes I’m trying and what’s working/what’s not

-my honest and candid journalling of my ups and downs. I can’t get this right overnight. I ate the chocolate that my son gave me on Valentine’s Day – knowing that it likely had milk solids in it. I ain’t about to break anyone’s heart, let alone my own family’s, over this. This is not a hill to die on – it’s a journey – it’s me: making meaningful changes for myself andmy little family and it’s about feeling amazing.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.



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